Randy Babbitt

Professor (Physics) 

Ph.D. Physics, Harvard University
B.S. Physics, Stanford University
RF Photonics, Optical signal processors, Coherent transients, Persistent spectral hole burning, and Spectral-spatial holography
210 EPS, 406-994-6156


John Carlsten

Regents Professor (Physics)

Fellow, OSA & APS 
Ph.D. Physics, Harvard University 
M.S. Physics, Harvard University
B.S. Physics, University of Minnesota 
Professor Carlsten collaborates with Professors Kevin Repasky and Joe Shaw of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering on optical source development and applications to LIDAR studies. Current areas of interest in the LIDAR studies involve detection of water vapor as well as aerosols in the atmosphere, scattering of laser light from honey bees in connection with explosive detection, and monitoring of CO2 in connection with sequestration for global warming and the ZERT program. 
202 EPS, 406-994-6176


 Rufus Cone

Distinguished Professor (Physics) 

Fellow, APS
Ph.D. Physics, Yale University
M. Phil. Physics, Yale University
B.S. Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology
Optical memories, signal processing, and laser crystal studies. Studies of optical, dynamical, and magnetic properties of solids using advanced nonlinear optical spectroscopic methods, many new materials, and over twenty lasers.
207 EPS, 406-994-6175


David Dickensheets

Professor (ECE) and Director

Montana Microfabrication Facility

Mi, a ultrices lectus. Pellentesque sit ametlor.Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, Stanford University
M.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Washington
B.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Colorado
Optical Microscopy and Tissue Imaging, Silicon Micromachining and Micro-Opto-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MOEMS), Miniature Imaging and Spectroscopy Instruments
530 Cobleigh Hall, 406-994-7874


 Edward Dratz

Professor (Chemistry & Biochemistry)

Ph.D. Chemistry, University of California at Berkeley
B.A. Chemistry, Carleton College
Applications of spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging to proteomics
251 Chemistry & Biochemistry Building, 406-994-4041


Erik Grumstrup

Assistant Professor (Chemistry & Biochemistry)

Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Coloardo - Boulder
B.S. Chemistry, University of Minnesota at Twin Cities
Materials science, interfacial chemistry, nanoscience, optics; photovoltaic materials, nanoscale electronics, photochemistry and transport processes occuring on length scales between 10 nm and 10 micrometers.
CR47, 406-994-2988


Charles Kankelborg

Associate Professor (Physics) 

Ph.D. Physics, Stanford University
B.S. Physics, University of Puget Sound
Solar magnetic activity, coronal loops, X-ray bright points, image analysis, UV and EUV opticsand space instrumentation, IRIS uv satellite spectral imager, numerical modeling.
260C EPS, 406-994-7853

kohler in lab

 Bern Kohler

Professor (Chemistry & Biochemistry) 

Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, MIT
B.S. Chemistry, Stanford University
Ultrafast laser spectroscopy, DNA photophysics and photochemistry, solar energy conversion
49 Chemistry & Biochemistry Building, 406-994-7931


 Galina Malovichko

Associate Professor (Physics) 

Ph.D. Physics and Math, Institute for Problems of Material Sciences, Kiev, Ukraine
M.S. Physics, Rostov-on-Don State University, USSR
Nonlinear optical materials, electro- and acousto-optical crystals: studies of extrinsic, intrinsic and radiation defects to tailor properties of far-reaching materials for advanced applications; electron paramagnetic resonance, electron nuclear double resonance, and simultaneous EPR-optical spectroscopy for studying defects on the atomic level.
243 EPS, 406-994-3474 


Wataru Nakagawa

Assistant Professor (ECE) 

Ph.D. Electrical Engineering (Applied Physics), Univ. of California, San Diego
B.S. Applied Physics, Stanford University
Optical nanostructures, photonics, nanoscale optics, computational electromagnetics
529 Cobleigh, 406-994-5956


 Neda Nategh

Assistant Professor (ECE) 

Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, Stanford University
Statistical image and signal processing, computer vision; computational neuroscience and vision science; statistical learning and machine learning.
637 Cobleigh, 406-994-5971


 Jiong Qiu

Associate Professor (Physics) 

Ph.D. Astrophysics, Nanjing University, China
B.S. Astronomy, Nanjing University, China
Earthshine measurements of global atmospheric change, magnetic reconnection in solar eruptions, small-scale active region energy release events, particle acceleration in flare environment, dynamics of solar flares and active regions evolution of solar magnetic fields.
221 EPS, 406-994-7253


 Aleksander Rebane

Professor (Physics) 

Ph.D. Physics, Institute of Physics (Tartu University), Estonian Academy of Sciences
Holography and coherent optics: ultrafast time- and space-domain holography and coherent optics; experimental investigation of projective techniques and materials for multi-THz optical data transmission and processing, photodynamic therapy.
208 EPS, 406-994-7831

repasky in snow with dogs

Kevin Repasky

Associate Professor (ECE) 

Ph.D. Physics, Montana State University
M.S. Physics, Montana State University
B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering, Youngstown State University
Laser research and development, laser remote sensing, electro-optics, feedback and control, optical technology cevelopment for communications
537 Cobleigh, 406-994-6082


 Joseph Shaw

Professor (ECE) and OpTeC Director 

 Fellow, OSA & SPIE
Ph.D. & M.S. Optical Sciences, University of Arizona
M.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Utah
B.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Alaska - Fairbanks
Remote sensing systems, optical system design and testing, radiometry, polarimetry, lidar, science and photography of optical phenomena in nature
518 Cobleigh, 406-994-7261


David Singel

Associate Provost  

Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, University of Chicago
B.S. Chemistry, Penn State University
Magnetic resonance techniques to analyze the composition of new solid-state laser materials - primarily materials under development by local optics industry. 
212 Montana Hall, 406-994-4371

spangler standing with mountains behind

Lee Spangler

Professor (Chemistry & Biochemistry) & Associate Vice-President for Research        

Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh
B.A. Chemistry, Washington and Jefferson College
Spectroscopic studies for energy and carbon sequestration research, Director of the Zero Emissions Research and Technology (ZERT) program and the Energy Research Institute.
207A Montana Hall, 406-994-4399

walker with trees behinf

Rob Walker

Professor (Chemistry & Biochemistry) 

Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, University of Chicago
B.S. Chemistry, Penn State University
Optical specctroscopy in hard-to-see places: optical studies of chemical structure, organization and reactivity at surfaces.
57 Chemistry & Biochemistry Building, 406-994-7928


Richard Wolff

Professor & Gilhousen Telecommunications Chair (ECE) 

Ph.D. Physics, Columbia University
B.S. Engineering Physics, University of California Berkeley
System-level applications emerging optical technologies in telecommunication, optical Networks, packet switching, wireless systems, satellite Communications, ad hoc networks, telematics
509 Cobleigh, 406-994-7172

Research Faculty and Staff 


Zeb Barber

Director of Spectrum Lab 

Ph.D. Physics, University of Colorado/NIST
Laser stabilization, metrology, precision spectroscopy, ladar, lidar, atomic physics, photonic signal processing.
Spectrum Lab, 2310 University Building #4-2, 406-994-5925


Alan Craig

Research Professor (Physics) 

Ph.D. Physics
Photonics and nano-photonics: computing device applications for nanoparticle spectroscopy.
Modular, Faculty Court, 406-994-6869


Mikhail Drobijev

Assistant Research Professor

Ph.D. Physics
Nonllinear optical spectroscopy: spectroscopic studies of nonlinear optical materials, two-photon absorption, time-space holography, photodynamic therapy.
220 EPS, 406-994-7810


Phil Himmer

Laboratory manager, Montana Microfabrication Facility

Ph.D. EE, Montana State University
Microfabrication for optical MEMS and other electronic systems
515 Cobleigh, 406-994-7178


Paul Nachman

Affiliate Research Professor (Physics)

Ph.D. Astronomy and Astrophysics
B.A. Physics, Carleton College
116 EPS, 406-994-7828


Philip Sullivan

Assistant Research Professor (Chemistry & Biochemistry) 

Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Washington
B.S. Chemistry, Montana State University
Organic and hybrid organic/nanoparticle photonic materials, novel materials and material design paradigms for applications at the interface of chemistry, materials science, and medicine.
319 Chemistry & Biochemistry Building, 406-994-5692


Administrative Staff

Diane Harn

Administrative Associate IV 

Arrangements for visitors, OpTeC colloquium series, annual meetings and public events, and accounting